This week at Tranquil Treatments, massage therapy, Norfolk

shoulder massage in the wor

This week at Tranquil Treatments, massage therapy, Norfolk

11th January 2016 – 17th January 2016.

Another week of treatments is coming to an end. Unlike last week which was spent driving around Norfolk, this week I have been based more in my therapy room in Hempnall Green near Harleston. There has been a variety of therapies this week, massage, Reiki, Thai Foot Massages and a full body Hydrotherm Massage. I have also had the pleasure of meeting some new clients this week which is always nice.

Corporate Massage Day (workplace massage)
On Monday I visited a local supermarket in Norwich. I visit once a month to massage the staff. I have been doing this for a year now. The staff pay for the treatment themselves but they get a reduced rate. I take my ergonomically designed massage chair, soft lighting and music and set up in the medical room. I am there for 4 hours and staff book themselves in for a 30 minute back massage. It was lovely on Monday because all of the staff said how pleased they were to see me and how much they needed and looked forward to their massage.
There are many benefits to workplace massage including reducing absenteeism, boosting productivity and promoting positivity and wellness in the work environment. If you would like to know more about massage in the workplace click here.

Most popular treatment of the week.
There are 2 popular treatments this week. Thai Foot Massage has been very popular. This is a very relaxing therapy which lasts 1 hour and has many possible benefits. The other popular therapy this week is 30 minute back massage. The reasons clients have been having back massages this week are to relief stress and tension, relieve headaches and to maintain the health of their backs. I have also had 2 ladies who have scoliosis of the spine and they find that having a massage helps with their back pain.

Hydrotherm Massage for a client who had a stroke.
This week I had a new client who was a young lady who had a stroke 3 years ago. This lady had never had a Hydrotherm Massage before. I did a full and detailed consultation finding out if there were areas to avoid or specifically work on. I then explained what the system does and how to lay on it. My client then enjoyed an hour long massage which included her back, legs, feet, arms, face and scalp. The major benefit to my client was, she didn’t have to turn over as she has right sided weakness but she was able to have a full body massage.

Availability this coming week at Bayleaf therapy room, Hempnall Green.
Monday 18th January    6pm,
Wednesday 20th January    evening appts available,
Thursday 21st January    12.30pm, 1pm,
Friday 22nd January     9.30am,  11.45am, 12pm
Saturday 23rd January   11.30am, 11.45am, 12pm

If you would like to book an appointment please call 07731 326145 or use the contact form.

The cold weather is set to continue this week so wrap up warm and make sure you have lots of hot fluids. Have a safe week.



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