This week at Tranquil Treatments Massage Therapy, Norfolk

This week at Tranquil Treatments Massage Therapy, Norfolk

15th February – 21st February 2016

School half term is now coming to an end. For some people, they love the half term spending time with the children, using the time to catch up with friends and family. For others half term can be a stressful week with children arguing, trips out which break the bank or trying to juggle work and childcare.
This week for me has been about trying to juggle work and home life. I have had quite a few cancellations this week due to people being ill which can not be helped. There are some nasty bugs going round at the moment which may mean that massage is not appropriate at that time.

So here is my week.
Monday evening was spent with a client at Bayleaf having a back massage and then it was on to my regular clients who live just outside of Bungay. They had an hour each and both chose back, neck and scalp massages this week.
Wednesday started off at a client in Thorpe St Andrew. She is an elderly lady and she has her feet, ankles, lower legs, shoulders and neck massaged. This lady spends quite a lot of time in bed so joints tend to become stiff so the massage helps to loosen stiff joints. It was then off to the therapy room at Hempnall Green, near Harleston for a new client who had booked a back massage for relaxation and also ear candling with sinus drain to help her congested sinus. Later that evening I was back to Thorpe St Andrew to another elderly client who has a back, neck and shoulder massage on my massage chair. This is perfect for her as her flat is very small and my couch would not fit in.
Friday and Saturday I had clients in the therapy room enjoying Hydrotherm massage, back massages and back and hamstring massages.

As well as physical hands on massage I also do a bit of networking. Every Wednesday morning I attend a BNI group, BNI Diamond, Norwich, and I have been doing this for just over 2 years. It has been a great way for me to gain business and also to learn how to network, how to present myself and how to target my marketing. This week because it was half term I visited another BNI chapter in Norwich and so got the chance to meet more local businesses. If anyone would like to come along to a meeting then please contact me and I can invite you along.
Alongside BNI I also attend Referral Institute on a Tuesday. This enables me to look very closely at my business and helps me to plan what the future of Tranquil Treatments will look like. It helps me to target who good referral partners would be such as Personal Trainers, Osteopaths, Chiropractors so that I have a good network of professionals that I trust and can refer my clients to when the need arises. For me this is very important for both myself and my clients.

Treatment of the week.
This week I have had a client that came for ear candling and sinus drain. She had not had it before so I explained before the treatment what was going to happen and explained how it worked. This lady has sinus issues for a long time and this was her reason for trying it. The ear candles I use are made by Biosun and are certified safe.
The treatment is performed with a client lying on the couch, preferably on their side. The candle is then lit and placed just inside the ear. Most clients say it sounds like a sparkler fizzing in your ear. The candle then burns to the red safety line. The candle is removed and the process is the performed on the other ear. After both ears have been done a sinus drain/face massage is carried out. The heat from the candle has warmed the sinus therefore this may assist with draining the congestion around the eyes and cheeks.
The candles are a hollow tube and are coated in a beeswax with chamomile, honey and sage. They give off a lovely aroma when burnt. I thought I would describe them as most people laugh and think you will be putting a church candle in their ear.
Clients have used ear candling for sinus congestion and also to relieve pressure in the ear caused by flying or diving. Some clients have their ears candled before they fly as they have found the flight is then pain free.
If you would to know more about ear candling click this link to my ear candling page.

Availability this coming week.

Wednesday 24th      1.30pm

Friday 26th        2pm,   2.30pm  3pm

Saturday 27th    11.30,   12pm

If you would like to book an appointment or discuss if I have a therapy that may benefit you then please call 07731 326145 or use my contact form.

I wish you all a good and happy week ahead.

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