Ear Candling (Thermo Auricular Therapy)

This is a gentle non invasive treatment which involves the hollow tube being inserted just inside the ear.

The candle is lit and then twisted to create a seal. Once sealed it will then produce a suction action known as the chimney affect. The rising air inside the ear then creates a vibration which gently massages the ear drum.

ear candling

What to expect from your treatment

I will carry out a short consultation before the treatment begins looking at your health and life style. Laying fully clothed comfortably on the massage couch, the candle will be lit and inserted just inside the ear. You may hear a pleasant crackling and hissing from the candle and smell the wonderful aroma of the oils. Each candle takes approximately 10-12 minutes to burn per ear. Candles are fitted with a safety filter to ensure that the candle is burnt to the safe limit.

You have the added options of adding a sinus drain/facial massage and also a scalp massage to your candling treatment. This is highly recommended if you are having this treatment for sinus related problems.

Possible benefits.

  • Relief from ear disorders such as Tinnitus
  • Relief from headaches and migraines
  • May help to balance unequal pressure in the ears which can be caused by diving and/or flying,
  • May improve sinus drainage when sinus are congested

If you would like to book a treatment or discuss what treatment would suit you best then please contact me