Relief from back pain?


Many people suffer with back pain, its the most common complaint that I see every day. Back pain can be broken into two sections, upper and lower.

Upper back pain

Posture and sometimes your occupation can have a detrimental effect to your upper back. The best therapy to treat this kind of pain is a back, neck and shoulder massage performed on an ergonomic massage chair. Reason being the chair opens up the neck and shoulder area and allows the therapist to target the problem areas, giving you the most benefit from your massage. Shoulder rotations and stretches can also be performed if appropriate.

Lower back pain

Lots of bending, stretching and twisting can cause problems for the lower back area. Also tight piriformis muscles and tight glutes can affect the lower back.

The best treatment for this is a back massage that concentrates on the lower back, piriformis muscles and glutes if required. This is best performed on a massage couch to enable maximum pressure and the use of elbows for trigger points if appropriate.

back pain
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