This week at Tranquil Treatments, Massage Therapy, Norfolk

This week at Tranquil Treatments, Massage Therapy, Norfolk

29th February – 6th March 2016

Firstly, apologies for no blog last Sunday, I was hit by the flu bug that has been doing the rounds and really was not well. Still I’m back into work again now and catching up with clients that unfortunately I had to cancel.
So, we are now in March, wow where is this year going? And today is Mother’s Day so Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there.
Ok, so what have I been doing this week?

Monday and Tuesday during the day was spent still recovering from my illness. Monday evening I went to my regular fortnightly clients near Bungay, Suffolk. This time the wife had a full body massage as she too had a cold and was a bit achy, the massage helped to ease her aching muscles. The husband had just returned from a ski trip which included driving to France and back so he needed work on his back, glutes and backs of legs. Calfs and hamstrings were particularly tight.
Wednesday morning I was seeing my regular clients in Norwich, the first lady was in Thorpe st Andrew and we are continuing to massage her feet, ankles, lower legs, neck and upper back. The second lady had a full body massage which she feels benefits her health conditions.
Wednesday evening I was in my therapy room in Hempnall Green, near Long Stratton. My first client was a gentleman who had lifted something in a rush and had pulled his lower back. Because of his back pain he was unable to work on Tuesday. The gentleman was amazed how the massage had released his tight muscles in his back and he was able to move again pain free. I also had a lady in who was preparing to run a half marathon in Paris this weekend. She came and had a back and hamstrings massage to help prepare her muscles for the run and she has rebooked again after the race to help the muscles recover.
Thursday morning was back to the therapy room for more clients who had back massages booked.
Friday was a fully booked day at the therapy room. There was a mixture of back massages, Reiki, Thai Foot Massage and facials. Friday was a great day for me as I spent the day doing what I love best.
Saturday afternoon I treated a client who had trapped a nerve around her right shoulder blade and she had been in a lot of pain. We spent time massaging the area until it released the nerve. Next was a new client who wanted some work done on a shoulder that he injured many years ago but was now starting to have problems as a result of the injury. We worked on his back, neck shoulders and arms and massaged around the collar bones as this is where the injury originated from. Lastly was a gentleman who has been dealing with some stress recently and just needed some chill out time.

Treatment of the week.
A lot of my clients have booked 45 minute massages this week. This allows more time to help loosen off tight and tricky muscles. If clients have tight neck muscles I tend to ask them to turn onto their backs towards the end of the massage and turn their head to the sides. This stretches out the neck muscles and allows me to get deeper into the muscles locating any tense spots that need extra work. My clients love this part of the massage and find it beneficial as they have more movement from the head and also clients have reported a reduction in headaches or headaches have totally gone.

Availability for the coming week.

Monday 7th March     6.45pm      7pm

Friday 11th March    12pm,   12.30pm

If you would like to book an appointment or discuss if I have a therapy that may benefit you then please call 07731 326145 or use my contact form.

I wish you all a great week, avoid the bugs that are going round and stay well.

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