Relief from headaches?


There can be many reasons why headaches are troublesome and for some people they can be quite debilitating. Here are some causes of headaches and what therapies may help.


Tight shoulder and neck muscles can cause headaches. The best therapy to tackle this is a back, neck and shoulder massage performed on an ergonomic massage chair which opens up the shoulders and neck and gives the therapist better access to the problem area. Acupressure points can also be incorporated into the massage.

You may also find that headaches occur because of tension held in the face and scalp. There are two treatments that may help with this.

Indian Head Massage – this treatment consists of massaging the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp. It is performed on an ergonomic massage chair and clothing does not have to be removed.
Luxury facial – one of the many benefits of a facial is that you get a great massage of the facial muscles, neck and scalp. Clenched jaws, grinding teeth can all contribute to headaches.

relief from headache?

Problems with ears and sinus congestion

Conditions that affect the ears such as unequal pressure from flying or diving or congestion of sinus can result in headaches. The therapy best suited for these conditions would be ear candling with a sinus drain and scalp massage. This may help relieve the pressure and balance the pressure in the ears and it may help to clear congested sinuses.


Sinus infections, blocked eustachion tubes

The most effective treatment for this is ear candling with sinus drain. The warmth of the candle helps to unblock the sinus and the sinus drain then allows the sinus channels to be drained away

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