This week at Tranquil Treatments Massage Therapy, Norfolk

This week at Tranquil Treatments Massage Therapy, Norfolk

1st February – 7th February 2016

Wow, it’s the start of February already, where did January go?
February has got off to a busy start. This week has been a mixture of mobile clients and clients at Bayleaf Therapy Room, Hempnall Green, near Long Stratton. I have had an increase in phone calls looking for therapies in people’s own home. I am unable to take on any more mobile clients at present except for exceptional circumstances where I will try my best.

So let’s have a look at my week.
Monday I had clients in the therapy room and then Monday evening I was at my regular clients near Bungay. This week the wife enjoyed a back massage with face and scalp massage. The husband had back and backs of legs massaged for an hour as just recently we had been concentrating on back and scalp due to my client having regular headaches. The headaches have now gone so he thought he would have his legs massaged instead as his hamstrings tend to get tight due to driving.

Tuesday morning I attended The Referral Institute. This is business coaching that I have joined, helping me look at my business, my ideal clients, good referral partners and looking at me, my core values, beliefs. If you would like to know more about The Referral Institute then please contact me.

Wednesday morning is always an early start as I attend a breakfast networking meeting in Norwich. This is great for my business and I have been doing it for 2 years. I love my networking group, very supportive and they have passed me some great work opportunities. From here I visited an elderly lady who lives in Thorpe St Andrew. She has her massage treatment in her bed as her mobility is quite poor. This lady has her feet, ankles, lower legs, shoulders and neck massaged. I am now visiting this lady once a week when possible to help her keep mobile and independent. Later that day I had clients at Bayleaf who were having back massages and backs of legs.

Thursday saw me starting the day in the therapy room and then I whizzed off to Rocklands near Attleborough and Watton. These clients enjoyed a combination of back massages, arm massage, face and scalp massage and Reiki.

Friday was spent all day in the therapy room fully booked up. A new client came in to use his Christmas voucher and enjoyed a back, neck and shoulder massage. The rest of the day clients had Thai Foot Massage and back massages. Friday evening I went to Wymondham to see a regular couple. This time they chose to have an hour massage each for back, neck and shoulder and arm massages.

Saturday was spent back in the therapy room. There was some full body massages, Reiki, back massages, foot massages thrown into the mix. I love days that are full of variety.

So, as you can see it was a fairly full on week, I feel exhausted just writing it!!

Treatment of the week.
Lots of my clients this week have had an hour massage but instead of trying to fit in a full body massage, they have chosen to only target certain areas. I have quite a few clients that choose to have a back, neck and shoulder massage and backs of legs massaged. The reason for this is some of my clients are keen cyclists for a hobby and hamstrings can tend to get tight. My clients like to have the flexibility of choosing how they mix and match their treatments instead of it being one set treatment. Some clients need to have a regular back massage for maintenance and then due to feeling stressed they then enjoy a face and scalp massage to help relax and calm them. This is a great combination which works very well.

Availability for the coming week.
Saturday 13th February     10.15am,  10.30am,  10.45am,  11am.

If you would like to book an appointment then call 07731 326145 or use the contact me form.

I’ve had a suggestion made to me that I try and do a video blog, hmmm I will give this some thought, it would certainly take me out of my comfort zone but it would make a change from my weekly Sunday night blog. I am also going to try and find some time to do a blog on a specific subject, I think I will ask my lovely Facebook ‘likers’ if they have a topic they would like me to blog about. If you would like to visit my Facebook page then please click the link Tranquil Treatments Facebook page.

Have a fantastic week, keep smiling and who knows you may get to see me next week.

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