This week at Tranquil Treatments, massage therapy, Norfolk

This week at Tranquil Treatments, massage therapy, Norfolk

4th January 2016 – 10th January 2016

It’s been a busy week at Tranquil Treatments. I seem to have seen most of my mobile clients this week so that means I have been driving around quite a lot. I am no longer taking on mobile clients due to the time it takes to travel. The only exceptions would be if someone had difficulty visiting my therapy room in Hempnall Green, near Poringland or if  someone lived very close to an existing client.

Where have I been this week?

On Tuesday I had two clients just outside of Bungay. Over the past three weeks I have visited every week to massage the parents and the two daughters. This week it was the turn of the father, and a daughter who is now returning to university. This has set her up for a relaxed return to uni. They both had a back, neck and shoulder massage with face and scalp.

Wednesday I visited 2 ladies that live in Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich. Both ladies are in their 80’s. The first lady has her feet, ankles and lower legs massaged to help with Arthritis and slight swelling in the legs. She also has her upper back and shoulders massaged to help with back ache. The second lady has a back massage which she receives on my ergonomic massage chair. It is easier for her to get on and off and her lounge area is very small, so the chair is ideal.

Thursday, the day we had floods and torrential rain I was paddling my way around Norfolk. I started off with a client living in Norwich. She has a full body massage once a fortnight to help with her health conditions which means sometimes she has difficulties moving. I was then off to Rocklands near Attleborough. A regular client had booked an hour and she requested a back, neck and shoulder massage and also face and scalp massage. I then travelled to Watton to visit another regular lady and this month she choose to have an express facial enjoying the lovely aromas of The Green People products. That evening I went to Long Stratton to a regular lady who has a back, neck and shoulder massage once every three weeks. Because she is a young mum with a baby and sometimes her husband is away it suits her that I visit her in her own home. So as you can see Thursday was a busy day covering lots of miles.

On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I had clients visit me in my therapy room. Clients had a mixture of back and leg massages, foot massage and Reiki.

What was most popular treatment of the week?

A 60 minute massage and the clients had back, neck and shoulders, face and scalp massaged. This is a great combination because most clients have a back massage because they had regular back problems, back aches. Sometimes if there are areas that need some deeper work, the massage can be a little uncomfortable. The benefit of adding in the face and scalp massage is because most people find it very relaxing, so if they are really stressed this can help lower their stress levels. Depending on the client, I may work on the back for 30 minutes and then work on the face and scalp for 30 minutes, or I may work on the back for 30 minutes and then turn them over and do some neck stretches to help loosen tight muscles in the neck and spend 15 minutes on the face and scalp. There are many variations to make sure my clients needs are met.

Availability this coming week.

Monday 11th January    Evening appointments available

Wednesday 13th January    7.15pm

Thursday 14th January    9.30am,   12pm

Friday 15th January   2.15pm   5.15pm

Saturday 16th January   11am,   11.30am

If you would like to book any of these appointments please call 07731 326145 or use the contact form to contact me.

I wish you all a good week. If the weather forecast is to be believed we should have some cold weather this week so wrap up warm and wear a scarf to help protect your neck and shoulders.


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