This week at Tranquil Treatments, massage therapy, Norfolk

This week at Tranquil Treatments, massage therapy, Norfolk

28th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016

It’s a new year but Tranquil Treatments is already back in the therapy room in Hempnall Green near Harleston, Norfolk. It’s been a quiet week due to the new year celebrations. But that’s good for me as I have had time to relax having lots of walks on the beach at Winterton on Sea watching the seals.

On Tuesday night I visited some regular clients who live near Bungay. This time the mother and one of the daughters had a massage. The massage for the daughter was one of her Christmas gifts. The mother enjoyed a full body massage and the daughter enjoyed an hour of back, neck, face and scalp massage. This has now relaxed her for her return to University. This week I have also had clients in the therapy room enjoying facials and also had a lady who is having problems with Sciatica.

How do I treat Sciatica?

To treat Sciatica it certainly is not a nice relaxing massage, I will not lie, it’s painful, it hurts, but it gets results. I start by checking the back, the glutes and the hamstrings for tightness and tight spots. If you have Sciatica, your glute muscles will be tight. Techniques are used to loosen and warm up the muscles in preparation for the elbow trigger point work. We then use a pain scale which is very individual, everyone has different levels and I use my elbows to help relax of the problematic muscles. I explain the process before we begin so you know what to expect. I also explain what is happening during the treatment as there needs to be two way communication during the treatment. I have had good positive feedback from clients that have had this treatment.

Treatment of the week – Hydrotherm Massage.

This week I have had a regular lady who comes every 4 weeks for a back massage on the Hydrotherm system. What on earth is a Hydrotherm massage I hear you say? It’s cushions that are filled with warm water. They are then placed on the massage couch. The client then lays on their back on the cushions and they can receive a full body massage or back massage without having to turn over or lay on their front. It feels like you are laying on a warm water bed. The Hydrotherm System is pictured above.  With the use of oils I glide my hands between the client and the cushion.  This treatment is great for people who have had a stroke or have conditions such as Parkinson’s, where turning over is difficult. Some clients find it more relaxing than a standard full body massage. Possible benefits of a Hydrotherm Massage are:

  • warmth from the water relaxes tight muscles,
  • no turning over which can disrupt the flow of the massage,
  • some people are not comfortable with their face in the face hole of a massage couch,
  • the warmth of the water and the floating sensation can be very relaxing.


If you would like to know about  Hydrotherm Massage therapy then please do get in touch.

Availability for the coming week at the therapy room, Hempnall Green.

Tues 5th January      6pm,
Fri 8th January         10.30am,      11am,       1pm,
Sat 9th January         1pm,     1.30pm.

If you would like to book one of these slots then contact me either by phone or through the contact form found on the website.

It’s a busy week ahead so make sure you come back next Sunday night to see what I have been up to. Have a good week.

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